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Enterprise clients

Who are our target groups?

We consider it our calling to enable key personnel within a company to strengthen and optimize the internal structures of their organisations. At first we focus our attention on senior leaders such as C-level and management teams. The result of this intense focus is tangible improvements in productivity, creativity, innovation and overall satisfaction at all levels of the organisation.

Once we together with the leadership team have figured out what areas carry greatest value and potential for improvement, we direct our focus on the people in the rest of the organisation.

How do we do this?

Our success stems from a proven system, which has a track record dating back as far as 2008 and has been developing ever since. That is because dieglücklichmacher wield a wide variety of tools and methods, that have been put together by coaches that hail from 15 different professions. This allows us to tailor our approach to the specific needs of our clients.

We can help secure and optimize existing structures, by directing the attention of our clients inwards – understanding, developing and focusing on their strengths and resources. Happy employees are a strong predictor of improvements in workplace atmosphere and productivity, decreased resistance to organisational change, development of a sense of community and optimism, and positive personal identification with the company. That puts organisations into a position from which they can flourish, expand more easily and consolidate themselves.

The work we do expands horizons, dissolves impediments, transforms unhelpful patterns, and enables organizations to enter a state of flow. The drive that we enable consists of nothing more than the happiness of the individual, causing a domino effect that results in an overall happier and more successful company.

„An organism can only be as healthy, perform only as strongly, expand only as eagerly as its individual cells.“

– Dr. Sven Körbel

Private clients

Who are our target groups?

Our passion is directed towards those individuals, that are dissatisfied with their lives – that feel imprisoned and stuck. Furthermore we also focus on those individuals, that already have developed a solid stance in life, but who still feel they have plenty of unreleased potential lingering below the surface.

How do we do this?

The basic principle behind our approach is that we treat each individual as someone who is an expert of their own universe. Once we are aware of our problems (let’s call them developmental hints), we are also intuitively know the solutions. We just might not be aware of this knowledge. Developmental hints and solutions are 2 sides of the same coin. Often, though, the side of the coin that resembles the solution faces downwards, covered by veils of paradigms, ideas, and patterns, which we have willingly accepted as absolute truths. We accepted those not just willingly, but also gratefully, since they have been serving a particular purpose, e.g. as survival strategies, as a set of values to orient ourselves towards, or to protect us against bad judgement in certain situations. They helped us become who we are in this very moment. So there is no need for remorse or to be resentful of them.

However, we may have reached a point in our personal development, at which these ideas, patterns, and paradigms are no longer of benefit to us and the world around us. Instead, they impede us, hold us back, make us their slave, instrumentalize us, sometimes even choke us. And so the time has come to seek out and explore new lands.

We want to help you. With our MIND-BLOWING-METHODS you can easily shift your perspective, so that you are able to identify, understand, and transform those unhelpful patterns at a pace that is suitable for you. In this manner you will gain the freedom, self-determination, positive expansion, and happiness that you deserve.

„Only he who passed through the valleys can tell others about them.“

– Dr. Sven Körbel


Who are we?

diegluecklichmacher were first founded as “DR. KÖRBEL Consulting” in 2008. In 2017 we had one of our core competencies appear in our new company name. diegluecklichmacher are a network of experienced Systemic Business Coaches, International HR Professionals, (Organizational) Psychologists, Supervisors, SCRUM and NLP Masters, Systemic Organization Developers, Business Consultants, Workplace Health Managers, Graduate Economists, Mindfulness and Mental Trainers, Therapists and social scientists.
We have seen through years of practice the business and personal difficulties of our clients as a development opportunity for both sides. We learned a lot from this change of perspective.

The references listed here document a selection of satisfied customers.

Managing directors

Glücklichmacher Doktor Sven Körbel

Dr. Sven Körbel

Glücklichmacher Sepideh Körbel

Sepideh Körbel

Glücklichmacher Soheyl Zakpur

Soheyl Zakpur


Glücklichmacher Carmen Schmidt

Dr. Carmen Schmidt

Glücklichmacher Raffaela Then

Raffaela Then

Glücklichmacher Robert Herfurtner

Robert Herfurtner

Glücklichmacher Leoni Saechtling

Leoni Saechtling

Glücklichmacher Dominik Kieser

Dominik Kieser

Glücklichmacher Martin Hubal

Martin Hubal

Glücklichmacher Joachim Norf

Joachim Norf

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Selection of satisfied customers

diegluecklichmacher reference Volkswagen
diegluecklichmacher reference Deutsche Bahn
diegluecklichmacher reference plentymarkets
diegluecklichmacher reference Deutsche Telekom AG
diegluecklichmacher referene DHL
diegluecklichmacher referene Sparkasse
diegluecklichmacher reference Forlex
diegluecklichmacher reference Trilex
diegluecklichmacher referene Adidas
diegluecklichmacher referenz Renault Deutschland
diegluecklichmacher referene Daimler AG
diegluecklichmacher referene Nokia
diegluecklichmacher referene ThyssenKrupp AG
diegluecklichmacher referene Continental AG
diegluecklichmacher referene LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG
diegluecklichmacher reference Mannesmann Precision Tubes GmbH
diegluecklichmacher reference Techniker Krankenkasse
diegluecklichmacher reference HUK-COBURG
diegluecklichmacher reference Allianz
diegluecklichmacher reference Infineon Technologies AG
diegluecklichmacher reference FHTW: Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft
diegluecklichmacher reference Boston Consulting Group
diegluecklichmacher reference Deutsche Richterakademie
diegluecklichmacher reference Lanxess AG
diegluecklichmacher reference Teekanne
diegluecklichmacher reference Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft
diegluecklichmacher reference METRO AG
diegluecklichmacher reference DRK
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