Life Coaching is performed by Dr. Sven Koerbel


A different perspective

  • The Acorn-Acorn-Tree-Principle
  • Everyone is expert of his own universe and always gives 100%
  • Problems (developmental hintes) and solutions are two sides of the same coin
  • How do we get a coin and for what do we spend it?

Internal navigation system

  • We always have a choice
  • It’s all a question of perspective
  • How do I reach the next onion peel? Do I follow joy?


  • What are the filters through which we experience reality?
  • How do we recognize patterns which used to protect us but now torment us? What is hidden beneath them and how do we manage to stop reject them?
  • Where do we actually want to go and how do we get there?
  • Synchronicities and how to amplify them

Living in the NOW

  • How do we manage to pay attention to the NOW and how do we live in it serenely?
  • The longest journey of humankind is 30cm long
  • What is past? What is future? What do they have in common and how do they relate to the present?
  • Flow = meditation in motion

Our potential

  • Why do we still need recognition by other?
  • How do we discover our potential and what covers it up?
  • How do we become a higher version of ourselves and are we sure we actually want that?

Internal points of resonance and their external manifestations

  • Why do we dislike certain situations or people?
  • How do we stop resisting and instead inhale life?
  • How do we localize, understand, and make friends with so called “negative” emotions that have been sealed off? What is there to be gained by that?
  • …and all that is who you are.

The meaning of life and how to approach it

The contents of the life coaching can be extended if necessary.